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SJB Comes to AUA: Part Two- Bloody Sunday. We got receipts.

In continuance of the previous episode Ricky and Rashanni of the Single Simulcast go in a pair of feckless, soft, patriarchal black podcasters after they try engage in revisionist history while attacking black women. Don't worry, we brought receipts and took no mercy. It don't look good for them, at all. 

SJB Comes to AUA: Part One - Don’t Tell a Lie on Me, I won’t tell the truth bout you

Ricky is joined by Single Simulcast's own Rashanii to discuss two podcasters who can't seem to get right, or tell the truth for that matter. Basically, we had to slap a couple podcasters, and we made it sound sexy. Part 2 coming soon.

AUA Interviews: Leslie Mac is back

Ricky is joined once again by @LeslieMac, founder of the Ferguson Response Network joins us to discuss the joint campaign #StepUpScholastic. 

Find out more about #StepUpScholastic at:
Contact Leslie:

AUA Podcast Episode 27: The Case for Reparations

AUA Podcast Ep 27 Show Notes

The Case for Reparations

In this episode Ricky & Cherelle are joined by special guest Davie Celeste and Angry White Guy James to discuss the case for reparations for the generations long oppression of  Black people in America.

We use the Coates' article by the same name as a means of putting the concept into perspective, addressing the historical evidence of why reparations would be necessary and then we look at  how

reparations should look and whether or not Sanders' lack of support for reparations taint his call for a political revolution. A long one but a good one. Enjoy!

We’ll be using these as a starting point to set the historical basis.

And then catapult into this:

Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations?

Why Bernie Sanders Is Right to Oppose Reparations

AUA Podcast Episode 25: A Review of the Movement For Black Lives Convening

Cherelle and Ricky are joined by activists Auriel Brown and Jordan Taylor to discuss the Movement For Black Lives Convening in Cleveland, OH aka #M4BL

AUA Podcast Episode 24: We’re Baaack!!!

AUA Podcast Episode 24 Show Notes

Intro - It's On Again by Alicia Keys feat. Kendrick Lamar

The More You Know 2K15

Family of Eric Garner settles with NYC for $5.9 million.

President Obama To Announce Pilot Program To Expand Broadband To Low Income Households

San Francisco official brushes off Fox News

Military to allow transgender people to openly serve.

President Obama Commutes Sentences for 46  drug offenders

AWG- Charleston


Main Stories

New Study Shows Racial & Gender Wealth Inequality

Iran Nuclear Deal  -iran/

Police Killings This Year

Presidential Candidate Update

2016 Presidential Election Candidates

  • GOP:Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, George Pataki, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump & Scott Walker.

  • Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb & Lincoln Chafee. Possibles still include: Joe Biden.



ABG- Father’s Day

Outro - Freedom Ain’t Free by Brandi Sweets

Heritage Not Hate? Let’s Ask Your Forefathers Why They Flew The Confederate Battle Flag

This is an audio adaptation of the following Blog post

AUA Interviews: Lachrista Greco

Lachrista Greco, Founder & CEO of Guerrilla Feminism, a global, pro-intersectional feminist nonprofit,  joins Ricky to discuss how Guerrilla Feminism came to exist & the concept of intersectionality as it relates the Feminism & human rights.

Find Out More:
Twitter: @lachristagreco

Twitter: @guerrillafem

By Any Means Necessary

AUA Audio Blogs - By Any Means Necessary: 

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