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AUA Podcast Episode 18: #IHaveDepression, #Measles Outbreak, #Obama’s Economy & more!!!

March 1, 2015



Sorry for the delay! We missed you all!!! In this episode of the #AUAPodcast Ricky & Cherelle are joined by John (@TPDPodcast) & Molly (@MollyofTPD) of The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast & Lavinia SheBeShoNuff (@SheBeShoNuff) of Just Thinkin’ Out Loud Media. Angry Black Guy Rashanii (@Rashanii) is comes back with a huge boom! This time he tackles mental health issues within the Black community. The group has some fun but productive & informative discussion on a host of topics including #ObamasEconomy, #Measles & more.


Episode 18 Show Notes


1. Intro Theme - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys


2. *NEW SEGMENT* The More You Know 2015. The new segment will be brief news stories of meant to educate listeners on topics we don't have the time to cover in depth. It will typically include scientific studies, findings or more technical political things being done.

FCC Plans Strong Hand to Regulate the Internet

Chicago Black Site Story

Colorado Governor WHo Says State's Free Birth Control Yielded 40% Drop In Teen Births

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Proposes $300 million cut to UW & $220 million to Fund New Stadium

#BLM Protesters Mark 6 Month Anniversary of Mike Brown's Killing

Cop Who Killed Akai Gurley Indicted

3. Body of Work by Lupe Fiasco

4. Angry Black Guy - Rashanii "Mental Health in The Black Community"

5. Mazinger By Lupe Fiasco ft PJ

6. Measles Outbreak

Measles Outbreak Highlights The Importance of Adult Immunization

Top Questions About The Measles Outbreak Answered

Measles Outbreak Spreads To Canada

7. Obama's Economy

Jobs Report

White House Budget Proposal

Paul Krugman'S Op-Eds On Debt

8. They Resurrect Over New by Lupe Fiasco ft Ab-Soul

9. Movement Updates

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    10. Outro - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys


Produced by Ricky Hinds & Cherelle Kay

Edited by Ricky Hinds & Cherelle Kay