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AUA Podcast Episode 21: #NatashaMckenna #FreddieGray #BaltimoreUprising #FightFor15 #DocFix

April 29, 2015



In this episode of the #AUAPodcast Ricky & Cherelle spent so long on the recent events on the #TheMoreYouKnow2k15 that we’re doing a two-parter with episode 22 being the follow up. The two discuss the #BaltimoreUprising, #NatashaMcKenna, #DocFix, #FightFor15 & much more! Rashanii (@rashanii) of the Single Simulcast (@SingleSimulcast) talks about “sharks” in his #AngryBlackGuy segment “When Shit Hits The Fan.”


Episode 21 Show Notes


1. Intro Theme - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys

2.  #FreddieGray, #BaltimoreUprising & #BlackLivesMatter

10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest In Downtown Baltimore, Media Only Reports The Violence & Arrest of Dozens

Union lawyer: Freddie Gray wasn't wearing seat belt in police van

3. #NatashaMcKenna

Woman Tasered to Death by Deputies While She was Cuffed, Shackled, and Masked

4. #AngryBlackGuy “Sharks aka When Shit Hits The Fan”

5. Estate Tax

House Passes Bill to Repeal Estate Tax - WSJ

6. #DocFix

Congress approves formula fixing Medicare doctors pay

7. #FightFor15

USA TODAY:  Fast-food workers protest for a higher minimum wage

8. Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch Sworn in as New US attorney General

9. Outro - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys

Produced by Ricky Hinds & Cherelle Kay

Edited by Ricky Hinds