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AUA Podcast Episode 23: Police Brutality Roundtable

May 31, 2015

In this episode of the #AUAPodcast Ricky & Cherelle cover LA’s minimum wage increase, Bernie Sanders’ proposed policy changes, the TPP & more! Rashanii (@rashanii) of the Single Simulcast (@SingleSimulcast) talks about Josh Duggar in his #AngryBlackGuy segment “That Duggar Boy” William J Jackson  of Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar & Terri Shepler of the National Association Against Police Violence (NAAPB) join Ricky & Cherelle for a police brutality roundtable as well.

AUA Podcast Ep 23 Show Notes

The More You Know 2K15: (Ricky & Cherelle)

Rashanii aka Angry Black Guy - “That Dugger Boy”

Don’t Kill My Vibe/ Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” Mashup

Police Brutality Panel (Ricky, Cherelle, Terri, Ashley & William)

Cops Keep Firing by Nas

Haile Selassie by Lupe Fiasco

Find more about the NAAPB at:

Find William & Father Teresa’s Wine Cellar at:

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 Outro - It’s On Again by Kendrick Lamar & Alicia Keys

Produced by Ricky Hinds & Cherelle Kay

Edited by Ricky Hinds